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Waterless Urinal – Eco Plus Urinal With Advertising Display.

Waterless Urinal – Eco Plus Urinal With Advertising Display.

Eco plus urinal comes complete with ActiveTrap, ActiveCube and exchangeable advertising display (polycarbonate). This new urinal lets you include your own advertising message so you can rent out to generate advertising revenue! (financing possibility through advertising). Ideal for use in pubs, hotels, sport centres ect.

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Waterless Urinal’s¬†are setting new trends and standards on a daily basis. Manufactured in Switzerland they are enjoying worldwide acceptance and simultaneously bringing hygiene and ecological protection to thousands of wash rooms around the world. As they discover the innovative technology and the high value retention of their water saving products, helping to save millions of litres of clean drinking water in regions where this valuable resource is in short supply or the cost is too high. Such arguments are becoming ever more crucial in an era of climate change. The Waterless Urinal range of products are constructed using eco-friendly materials and production processes. Offering uncompromising quality control and leading technology guarantee durable Waterless Urinals with odourless, hygienic and ecological operation time and again.

Please visit to see the full water saving urinal range.

Bathroom Renovations

As one of the most expensive rooms to renovate, a bathroom can make or break a deal when buying or selling a home. Property owners looking for rooms that don’t require a lot of work, which is why a bathroom renovation can make the biggest impact on your resell property value. As you get ready to renovate, think about what works for your family, as well as what other home owners might look for. Today, modern double bathroom sinks and walk-in showers are popular, while oversized baths and bathroom storage are also frequently sought after. Determine what you have space for, what materials are worth using, and then find a way to add much-needed storage for beauty products and extra towels. Please visit for all your new bathroom needs.

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Waterless Urinals

Waterless Urinals

Waterless Urinals will save you approx 100,00 litres of water per year.  These Urinals collects the urine and channels it into the waste pipe without flushing, while at the same time sealing in any odours and includes a microbiological cleaning block which prevents build-up of deposits.

  • No water consumption.
  • No pollutant oil is needed.
  • No electric connection required.

Manufactured in Switzerland from the most durable high-tech plastic which is lightweight, easy to install and extremely strong. Please visit to see the full Waterless Urinal range.


Bathroom Suites Sale

Why not treat yourself to a new bathroom suite for Christmas.  Taps4Less are now stocking a massive range of modern and traditional suites at sale prices with free UK and Ireland delivery on everything.  You could also take advantage of the extensive range of taps and showers with super deals that cant be beat. Please visit Taps4Less today.

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Christmas Bathroom Offers

Taps4Less are now offering even better discounts for their bathrooms over the Christmas period.  Browse our massive choice of taps, showers, bathroom furniture, shower enclosures and even more.  Gone are the draughty rooms of the past. Modern bathrooms would rival any luxury spa.  Why not replace you old taps. Keep the loo and bath but add a statement sink to lift the whole room. Install a new shower head or slide rail, or go for a wetroom look with a frameless shower doors and panels that look clean and minimalist. Finally, invest at least £50 in a good chrome heated towel rail. - TM-GEYSIR-AA--B U-HEAD77-ARM16 - --B - U-GRANGER4P01--B U-VTMW1000SET--B

Smeg Iris Kitchen Sinks

The Smeg Iris 1.5 double bowl, inset kitchen sink in stainless steel with left or right handed drainer come complete with glass chopping boards.   These stylish sinks are 2 piece construction with strong welded for added durability.  Born out of the commitment to pursue passion, never forgetting that even the smallest detail merits attention. A refined understanding of materials and technology leads Smeg to aesthetic perfection and the highest levels of safety. Please visit to see the full Smeg sinks range.

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Hudson Reed Bathroom Taps

Hudson Reed Bathroom Taps

Now Christmas is upon us maybe its time to upgrade your bathroom to make it a relaxing haven away from the busy high street shopping. The best place to start is the taps. Hudson Reed are one of the largest worldwide manufacturers bathroom taps and showers. ¬†Their products are state of the art design and offer a massive choice of different styles to suit any bathroom. ¬†Hudson Reed¬†remains a family operated business with a strong commitment to staff holds the “Investors in People” accreditation. They regularly contribute to local charities and strive to create a business they can be truly proud of. Employees are given the opportunity to develop further both in and outside of work. Training and funding is made available to support all aspects of welfare and personal development. Please visit to browse our massive Hudson Reed range.

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Kukel Hot Kitchen Taps

Kukel UK hot water electric taps and retrofit heaters have a porcelain element fitted inside which heats the water as it flows past. The porcelain system transfers heat at 1,200¬įC into the cold water, raising the water temperature as you use it. Kukel UK’s products are ideal for hot water on demand at point of use as well as greatly reducing water wastage. Kukel‚Äôs range of stylish taps are perfect for replacing expensive, inefficient or traditional taps. They also provide a hot water solution to electricity only buildings. Their instantaneous taps and water heaters have been designed to meet the hot water needs of among others; households, hospitals, hotels, kitchens, service stations, care homes, hair salons, modular buildings, cabins, sheds, caravans, boats, offices, portable toilets, stables and builders yards. These taps are an ideal replacement for taps that are over 5 metres away from a boiler. To see how much hot water you waste every week. Please visit to see the complete Kukel range.

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