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Bathroom Storage & Design

A simple bathroom storage solution for small bathrooms is to simply go vertical, Utilize vertical space and wall space efficiently wherever you can. Many vertical pieces fit in even the narrowest of corners and smallest of spaces. Try vertical vanity towers with adjustable shelves, stacked wall shelves, recessed floor-to-ceiling shelves and floating shelves.  Please visit to see a full bathroom storage and cabinet range.


Wall Mounted Bathroom Suites

Wall mounted bathroom suites keep your bathroom much cleaner as you can clean under your basin or toilet pan.  I also hides the toilet cistern within the wall or furniture unit with only a discrete button for the flush.  At we are now stocking the Hudson Reed Granger four piece bathroom suite with square wall hung toilet pan, soft close seat, wide basin and semi pedestal. All for only £349 including delivery.  Please visit Taps4Less to see our complete bathroom suites range. - U-GRANGER4P01--B

Electric Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating as become a viable method of space heating due to significant advances in technology and the increase in raw material costs of copper and steel used in radiator systems. The advantages of are – Clears rooms of ineffective, impractical, unsightly wall-hung radiators, saves you from 15% to 50% on heating bills, Carries virtually no maintenance costs, prevents dust gathering behind radiators and circulating around the room ‚Äď ideal for sufferers of asthma or other respiratory issues, eliminates dust mites from carpets, underfloor heat also provides 70% radiating heat, offering a more comfortable climate than radiators, the thermal mass of an underfloor heating systems provides warmth for longer after switching off than would traditional radiators, evaporates dangerous water spillages quickly from bathroom and kitchen tiles, underfloor heating runs quietly, with none of the creaks and groans of old copper pipes and Can be used with almost any flooring type including stone, laminate, hardwood, lino, and carpet (below 1.5 Tog). Please visit to see our underfloor heating range. underfloor heating