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Bathroom Revamp Ideas.

The best piece of advice I can offer if you want to create the perfect bathroom revamp, then I would say the it is the small changes that make will make a big difference.

Re-decorating or tiling the walls for example should be reasonably straight forward and will give you immediate results, perhaps try a funky new colours for that immediate impact or a subtle shade to give your bathroom a much more mellow feel. Changing the colour of your walls is an immediate mood change, it should take no more than a day and will not break the bank.

Colour can make your room seem bigger, warmer and create a variety of moods, the type of paint finish can also enhance your bathrooms ambience so choose carefully.

Consider new window blinds, they are available in wood, metal or fabric and what would a different selection of material do to change the look and feel of the bathroom. Again a simple change that will not break the bank but can have a massive impact. Think simple is the rule here.

While it may be out of your scope to pay for new bathroom furniture or doors, consider perhaps either repainting the doors as there are a variety of options available such as wood effect, metallic finish or standard gloss paint. Should you need to, why not consider just changing the doors instead of the entire cabinet.

Accessories are the key here to, the addition of a few little trinkets can also do wonders in creating something different. You can also try to make your own bathroom additions to personalise your bathroom – you can then be guaranteed that none of your friends will have the same look as you do!

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