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How Do Bathroom Taps Work

Did you ever stop to think about How Do Bathroom Taps Work. Water is a fundamental human need. Each person on Earth requires at least 20 to 50 litres of clean, safe water a day for drinking, cooking, and simply keeping themselves clean”. The principle is very simple and affective. Taps are normally constructed from solid brass for a longer life and then chrome or gold plated to add an easy to clean finish. The water pipe is connected to the bottom. ¬†Water is then held in a chamber until required. When you want water all you need to do is turn the handle anticlockwise which unscrews an internal valve and starts the flow of ¬†the water.

How Do Bathroom Taps Work

How bathroom taps work


Mixers taps work on the same principle but you do need a hot and a cold water supply connected and you will get cold, warm or hot mixed water depending on where you turn the handle.

How Do Bathroom Taps Work

Mixer bathroom tap

This informative plumbing video shows a cut out of a brass kitchen tap and how its designed.


Smeg Glass Top Gas Hobs

Smeg now supply this unique range of glass topped gas hobs.  These hobs are easy to clean and offer a flawless smooth finish, removable heavy duty cast iron pan stands and come complete with directional burners. Smeg are one of the largest Italian manufacturers of high quality kitchen appliances in the UK today.  Please visit Taps4Less.com to see the complete Smeg kitchen range. taps4less.com - SM-PV164N--B

Wastemaid Waste Disposal Units

The Wastemaid Elite range of waste disposal units offer a large choice of continuous and batch feed waste disposal units.¬† These units are suitable for just 2 people and small family’s up to commercial use.¬† They come complete with removable splash guard for easy cleaning and magnet motors that offer maximum torque instantly with jam free cutting power.¬† Please see the full Wastemaid range at Taps4Less.com.

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Abode Kitchen Taps

Abode are one or the largest kitchen taps and sink manufacturers in the UK today.  Each and every detail on Abode mixertaps and showers serve a purpose. kitchen and bathroom products created for people who want the perfect blend of modern design, performance and sheer quality.  Every form performs a function, beautifully. And at the heart of the design, precise engineering and manufacturing quality ensure smooth, almost effortless control.  Please visit Taps4Less.com today to view the complete range.

AB-AT1191--B - abode kitchen tap


Della Kitchen Taps With Swivel Spout

Taps4Less.com are now stocking the Della single lever kitchen tap from Hydra.   Hydra offers a massive choice of quality brass kitchen taps in chrome, stainless steel and brushed steel finishes with modern and traditional styles to suit any home.  The Della kitchen tap has a full 10 year manufacturers warranty.  Please visit Taps4Less.com today to see our complete kitchen taps range.

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