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Extractor Fans Ventilation – Building Regulations Part F

Building Regulations apply to the construction of new buildings and to extensions and material alterations to buildings. In addition, certain parts of the Regulations apply to existing buildings where a material change of use takes place. Otherwise, Building Regulations do not apply to buildings constructed prior to 1 June, 1992.


“Ventilation is the supply of fresh outside¬†air and the removal of stale indoor air to or¬†from spaces in a building. It normally¬†comprises a combination of purpose-provided ventilation and air infiltration. The purpose provided¬†ventilation may be provided by¬†natural or mechanical means.¬†Air Infiltration is the uncontrollable air¬†exchange between the inside and outside of a¬†building through a wide range of air leakage¬†paths in the building structure.¬†Purpose-provided ventilation is the¬†controllable air exchange between the inside
and outside of a building by means of a range of natural and/or mechanical devices.

The means of ventilation should be capable of providing a satisfactory indoor air quality for human respiration in occupied areas of a building by rapidly diluting pollutants, including odours, and water vapour to levels which do not pose direct or indirect health
risk. Removing excess water vapour from areas where it is produced in significant quantities, such as kitchens, utility rooms, bathrooms and shower rooms so as to reduce the likelihood of creating conditions that support the growth of mould, harmful
bacteria, pathogens and allergens. Removing harmful pollutants from areas¬†where they are produced in significant¬†quantities.¬†providing an adequate supply of fresh air¬†for persons using an area in a building.¬†dispersing residual pollutants and water¬†vapour”.

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