Mira Clearscale Showers

Mira Clearscaleâ„¢ Technology

One of the key issues that limescale causes is its build-up within the ‘hot spots’ of your system. To eliminate this issue, the Mira Clearscale™ technology in our electric showers works by lengthening the heating elements as well as widening the gaps between the coils. This means that the heating tank runs at a consistent temperature throughout, eliminating the chance for ‘hot spots’ and the build-up of limescale. To help prevent the problems that come with lime scale, a delayed shut-down is also included in the system, which flushes hot water from the shower after use, keeping your electric shower in tip top condition!

Unless you are a professional, it is difficult to be able to look inside your own shower; therefore you might be unaware of lime scale build up in your shower until its performance is impaired as a result. Mira showers are dedicated to solving the issue, and they are permanently undertaking research to explore, monitor and test the growth of it, so it can be better understood. They first of all complete accelerated life testing on our units at a business called Hydramec who are located in a hard water area of Norfolk. Once this is completed, they then send the tests to Cranfield University who then assess the output. They decided to illustrate the exact benefits of our Clearscaleâ„¢ technology with a film highlighting the level of lime scale in any ordinary electric shower.

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