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Mira Clearscale Showers

Mira Clearscaleâ„¢ Technology

One of the key issues that limescale causes is its build-up within the ‘hot spots’ of your system. To eliminate this issue, the Mira Clearscale™ technology in our electric showers works by lengthening the heating elements as well as widening the gaps between the coils. This means that the heating tank runs at a consistent temperature throughout, eliminating the chance for ‘hot spots’ and the build-up of limescale. To help prevent the problems that come with lime scale, a delayed shut-down is also included in the system, which flushes hot water from the shower after use, keeping your electric shower in tip top condition!

Unless you are a professional, it is difficult to be able to look inside your own shower; therefore you might be unaware of lime scale build up in your shower until its performance is impaired as a result. Mira showers are dedicated to solving the issue, and they are permanently undertaking research to explore, monitor and test the growth of it, so it can be better understood. They first of all complete accelerated life testing on our units at a business called Hydramec who are located in a hard water area of Norfolk. Once this is completed, they then send the tests to Cranfield University who then assess the output. They decided to illustrate the exact benefits of our Clearscaleâ„¢ technology with a film highlighting the level of lime scale in any ordinary electric shower.

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Mira Showers – 10 Tips For Making The Most Of A Small Bathroom

Mira Showers – 10 Top Tips For Making The Most Of A Small Bathroom

“Small rooms always pose difficulties when it comes to renovating or redecorating, and this is particularly true of the bathroom thanks to the many pipes, plumbing and electrical lines they contain. Although they present additional challenges, a small bathroom can be dramatically transformed with the correct approach. We at Mira Showers have compiled ten handy tips with the help of TV interior designer Jo Hamilton, which should help to ease the process of revamping your bathroom, adding value to both your house, and the time you spend there:

1) Colour

Colour plays a huge role in the overall ‘feel’ of a room, and a new coat of paint will be the most noticeable change when redecorating. Dark colours tend to be claustrophobic, so aim for light, neutral colours to make your bathroom appear larger.

2) Layout

The layout of your bathroom is essential when size is limited. An efficient layout that evenly spaces out bathroom furniture will maximise the available space and make it appear larger.

3) Be ruthlessMIRA Leap_900 Bi-fold

It’s difficult, but if something isn’t completely essential then remove it from your bathroom. If you’re a shower person, replace your bathtub with a shower enclosure to maximise your floor space. Semi-framed glass enclosures and low profile shower trays are the perfect combination for a dramatic space transformation. The Mira Leap is our latest range of shower enclosures, and provides a clean and uncluttered look with invisible fixings, resulting in a stylish and contemporary aesthetic.

4) Let there be Light

Increasing the amount of natural light can make any bathroom appear larger, but this is often much easier said than done. If you can’t add or increase the size of your bathroom windows, make sure you install sufficient lighting to avoid gloomy areas of darkness.

5) Reflective surfaces

By adding either a sheet of mirror glass or metallic finish tiles, light will be reflected around the room giving the perception of that essential extra space. There are a great range of metallic finish tiles on the market at the moment – just be sure to pay attention to tip number six!  The True Mirror fascia is the perfect product for this, available with the Mira Alero (pictured at the start), it makes a great style statement.

6) Grout idea

Avoid small tiles in a small bathroom – the grout lines in between each tile make a small room look cluttered and therefore smaller.  Opt for larger tiles to reduce the amount of grout lines to make the room seem larger and easier to clean!

7) Fixtures and fittings

Installing complementary fixtures and fittings will provide any bathroom with a consistent theme throughout, which can help to make the room really special. In a small bathroom, these fixtures and fittings need to be as small as possible to give the appearance of a larger space. Sleek and minimalist fittings such as the Mira Agile mixer shower maximises the space in your shower as it fits flush to the wall, making it as unobtrusive as possible.  The Mira Evolve bathroom taps were designed specifically to complement the Mira Agile, giving you the perfect pairing in a small bathroom.

8) Extractor

In a small space, steam can build up really quickly – this is at best an inconvenience for trying to use bathroom mirrors, and at worst a cause of significant structural problems due to damp. This can be fixed by buying a suitable extractor fan:  If your bathroom has direct access to the outside of the house, opt for an axial fan as they are quieter but will still get the job done.

9) Floor space

Increasing the amount of visible floor space is vital to giving the appearance of a larger bathroom – the more floor space you can actually see; the larger the room will feel. Wall mounting sanitary ware and storage is a good way to do this, as it allows your eyes to travel to the floor underneath.

10) Accessories

Accessories are the finishing touch for any room, and even if your bathroom is small, it shouldn’t be overlooked. Accessories are a great opportunity to bring in splashes of colour and to add texture and interest, but be careful not to go over the top: a few fluffy towels and some luxury soaps should be all you need.”

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Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer Taps

Hot bath water is the most common cause of fatal and severe scalds to children and the elderly. Mira Showers now have introduced the Verve thermostatic bath shower mixer tap (thermostatic temperature stability keeps showering safe for all the family). Maximum temperature stop for increased safety, separate temperature and flow controls to fine tune your perfect bath or shower, is TMV2 and WRAS approved.  Please visit to see the Mira Verve thermostatic taps.


Mira Escape Electric Showers

Mira has a wide range of electric showers to suit all budgets and tastes, from the entry level Mira Vie to their premium design, the Mira Galena. At present they have 50 electric showers to choose from in their range. The Mira Escape electric shower are available in many different finishes. Stunning, up-to-the-minute design mixed with thermostatic technology delivers performance and safety to any bathroom. This Mira electric shower cuts limescale by half for a better performing, longer lasting shower. Please visit to see the Mira Escape electric shower.