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Waste disposal units are becoming much more popular in our kitchens. A waste disposal unit can grind up most solid waste (such as peelings, egg shells, almost anything) and then flush it away with water rather than put it in your bin. Just keep the water running to help lubricate the disposal unit.

Almost all soft food can be disposed of: apple cores, cooked meat, cereal etc are all fine. Tougher foods can also be ground and can be good for a waste disposal unit. Chicken bones, ice cubes, eggshells etc. can help to remove the coating of gunk and grease which builds up.

Avoid putting most non-food items in your waste disposal, particularly anything with plastic wrapping can cause problems. We recommend you always read the manufacturers recommendations thoroughly after installing your waste disposal unit to avoid damaging the unit.

For more information see How to Get the Best from your Waste Disposal Unit from the BBC.

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