Zip HydroTaps Arc > Mixer Kitchen Tap (Brushed Gold).

Zip HydroTaps Arc Mixer Kitchen Tap (Brushed Gold).

Zip HydroTaps Arc Mixer Kitchen Tap (Brushed Gold).

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Zip HydroTaps Arc mixer kitchen tap in brushed gold finish.

The standard HydraTap Cube range from Zip are offer a square spout and are designed to complement a separate boiling water tap or just to be used as a standard unfiltered hot and cold water mixer kitchen tap.

In 1970, Zip installed the world's first boiling water kitchen tap. This provided instant boiling water from an under-sink pressurized tank. Today Zip is one of the largest domestic and commercial manufactures in the world for boiling hot water taps. The pure taste of Zip puts the pleasure and sparkle back into water, with instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water on tap. So now you'll enjoy drinking more and experience the many health benefits that come form hydration.

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I ordered a Brita 3 way tap which was everything it said it was, delivery was great right on the time it said it would be delivered and cheaper than anywhere else I looked. Thank You. - Angela
Awesome service. Arrived well on time and great product. - Mike Fletcher