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Pumped Electric Showers

Pumped electric showers are the ideal choice if you have low water pressure going to your home or if your property has a low-pressure gravity fed plumbing system. The showers built-in pump boosts the water pressure and give you an amazing shower without having to re-plumb your bathroom. We shock a huge range of high quality showers from top brands like Triton, Mira, Bristan and more.

Electric showers contain electric heaters which provide its own ability to heat water and keep the temperature high. It works in a similar way to a kettle, which contains its own heating ability. Electric showers are useful for smaller water systems as the shower takes from the cold-water supply and then heats it up on its own. This is good during summer months as you donít need to heat a whole tank of hot water to have a shower. Saving time and money!

At Taps4Less we strive to provide you with the highest bathroom standards, first class customer service and genuine quality plumbing goods.

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